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10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips You Must Know

Clean carpets require more than just regular vacuuming. Usually, stains, spills, and drops can cause unsightly patches that make the carpet look unclean, even after vacuuming. Here are 10 best carpet cleaning tips to make them look brand new for years.

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1. Avoid harsh treatment
Being harsh on your carpet can significantly reduce its life by damaging the delicate fibers. Experts recommend using mild cleaners that work on the stains without affecting the fine fibers.

The best way to protect the carpet when removing a stain is to blot it away with a soft cloth. Rubbing the stain may allow the dirt to reach deeper inside the fibers making it hard to clean. Take a clean washcloth or towel and start blotting the stain in a gentle way. To avoid the stain from spreading, start from the outside edge gradually moving inside.

2. Treat it with heat
If you often burn candles, you must be knowing how difficult it is to remove the dropped wax from your carpet. Scraping it off directly can damage the strands of the carpet. To remove the dried wax, cover it with a clean white towel.  Iron over the towel to transfer the heat to the wax. Once the wax becomes soft, scrape it with the help of a knife. Now place a paper instead of a towel on the wax and iron over it. The melted wax will come off easily by binding to the paper.

You might not be thrilled about using one of your nice white towels to clean, but this is to avoid transfer of colors from the towel or paper to your carpet.

3. Clean it with shaving cream
Ordinary shaving creams serve as one of the best carpet cleaning agents. It helps in removing almost all kinds of stains and spots in minutes. Just dab some shaving cream over the stain and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Take a clean white towel or cloth and gently blot away the stain. Never rub over it as it may push the stain deeper, which may become permanent and hard to remove. Once the stain is removed from the carpet, spray a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water. Wipe off with a clean towel to remove the traces of stains as well as the shaving cream.

4. Try “Freeze the Gum” trick
There is nothing more annoying than finding a chewing gum on your carpet. Again, scraping is not recommended as it may create a mess damaging the strands of your carpet and make it look patchy. Get some ice cubes and rub them over the gum until it freezes. Once it becomes hard, use a spoon to scrape it in a gentle way. If some of the strands of the carpet get trapped in the frozen gum, use a scissor to cut them neatly.Cut as closely to the gum as possible to reduce any obvious damage.

5. Dishwasher for greasy patches
If you accidentally spill oil or grease on your carpet, you have the dishwasher soap to your rescue. It will cut away the grease in the same way it does to your dishes. Make a solution by mixing any dishwasher soap with water. Fill a spray bottle with it and directly spray over the stain or grease. Allow the grease to dissolve with the solution. Blot it with a clean cloth to remove the stain. You may have to repeat the steps a number of times. Once the stain is eradicated, rinse the area with water. Pat dry using paper towels.

6. Use Club Soda
Yes, club soda is a wonderful carpet cleaning agent, especially if you have wine or beer stains. It helps in dissolving the impurities and pulling them out from your carpet. Soak a clean cloth with club soda and blot the stain. Repeat with a fresh cloth to eradicate it completely.

If the stain is too tough, use a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Once the stain is removed, wash the area gently with warm water using your fingers. Don’t use a brush or any hard scrubber as it may damage the carpet. Finally, place some paper towel over it to soak the excess water. Leave some paper towel with a weight over the treated area for a day to completely remove any dampness.

7. Removing crushed candies
If you have kids at home who love candies and often drop and crush them on your carpet, this one is for you. To start with, just scrape it with a knife gently so that the strands or fibers don’t break. Mixing some liquid soap with warm water makes one of the best carpet cleaning solution to remove sticky dirt. Take some solution on a clean cloth and blot the area. You may also use a spray bottle to apply the solution. Remember, it is important to remove all the sugar transferred to your carpet to prevent unwelcome guests like ants or mice from showing up.

8. Use Organic Cleaners
Organic cleaners provide an excellent solution for cleaning accidents caused by pets. Such cleaners easily remove stains, impurities, and odors while being gentle on your carpet. First remove any pet droppings as much as you can. Spray some organic cleaner on the affected area and blot it with a clean towel. For tough stains, a little scrubbing may become necessary.

9. Dab hydrogen peroxide
With kids in the family, or in a home office setting, you’ll likely end up with a little blood from a scrape or paper cut in your carpet. If your carpet is stained with blood, there is nothing better than hydrogen peroxide. If the blood stain is dry, dab some water to loosen it. Blot it as much as possible with a clean towel. Apply some hydrogen peroxide directly on the leftover stain. The chemical reaction between the blood and the cleaner will make the stain easier to remove. Wipe the area with a paper towel to dry the carpet.

10. Always perform deep cleaning
Although regular vacuuming may help in maintaining the original beauty and utility of your carpets, an occasional deep cleaning every four to six month may increase its life as well as keep your indoors clean.

Deep cleaning involves pushing the best carpet cleaning solution into carpet fibers with steam. It’s a powerful method usually done with a jet nozzle to reach deep in the fibers to remove tough stains, grease, and hidden dust.  The process helps in reducing the chances of damage while improving the aesthetics. Deep cleaning is something that you can do yourself, but experts suggest hiring experienced professionals to minimize any loss.


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  • Sutton Turner
    September 12, 2018, 3:26 pm REPLY

    I like how you said to treat the carpet with heat to clean it. I recently spilled wine on my light carpet and need to clean it well. Thanks for the carpet cleaning tips.

  • Camille Devaux
    September 18, 2018, 11:23 pm REPLY

    My sister just moved into a new home the other day and is thinking about getting a carpet cleaning. This is something that she has been asking me for tips on. It may help her to know that deep cleaning will solve her dirty carpet issues.

  • Mark Murphy
    September 19, 2018, 4:58 pm REPLY

    I really appreciate your tip to avoid letting any sugar or crumbs get into your carpet. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new carpet in our house and we want to take good care of it. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should avoid letting any sugar seep into the carpet!

  • Braden Bills
    October 1, 2018, 3:59 pm REPLY

    I want to make sure that I get my carpet cleaned properly. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to clean it for me! They would be able to clean it in a way that doesn’t cause the carpet to get damaged.

    • randy@Braden Bills
      October 17, 2018, 6:36 pm REPLY

      I’d definitely call in a pro, I tried to clean my carpets myself and ended up damaging them because I didn’t do a patch test first.

  • Catherine
    November 23, 2018, 7:34 am REPLY

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