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13 Fun Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Your Sunny Window 

13 Fun Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Your Sunny Window 

Nothing lightens up the mood of your home like a sunny, bright window. Indeed, this may just be the primary reason why you have the house all along: to bask lazily in the golden sun rays. However, making up your mind on how to best utilize your sunny window can be a somewhat challenging task. If you want to take full advantage of this stunning space, but simply have no idea where to start, then check out these ideas below as a source of inspiration:  

Tone the Light Down  

While the addition of sunny windows to a house is impressive, the one major problem, however, is that they are bright! This can hamper various activities such as watching television or even having dinner. To solve this, you can tone the brightness down by adding perfectly-sized lavish gauzy curtains to the window for a neutral shade. You can choose to go with the most modern option, which is crisp white curtains, or any other toned-down shade to temper the brightness.  

Dangle a Few Succulents  

Let out your adventurous side and dangle several creations, home-made or from the shop, against the sunny window. Artwork and terrariums can add character to a window, and really bring it to life. Alternatively, you can put some round vases containing some beautiful succulents, or whatever house plant you prefer, on the windowsill.  

Pep Up Your Routine

Do away with normal boring routines and enjoy the delight of the morning sunshine streaming into your home from your window. For instance, you can shift from having your morning coffee from your dimly lit coffee table and have it near the brightly lit window. You can set up a small table right at the spot adjacent to the window, and you will instantly transform your daily morning routine from dull to delightful! This is particularly true since sunlight gives your body endorphins, which are happy ‘hormones’; wouldn’t it be a great way to start every morning happy and energized?  

Surprise Your Pet with Their Own Space 

Cats are adorable, and one thing they certainly love more than their owners is basking in some sunlight. With that said, you can decide to give your little furry friend some space around the sunny windows. You can create a cozy basket for them to sleep in and even add a cozy cat bed to enhance their comfort. Heads up though, don’t seem surprised when you find your furry friend behaving friendlier once they have a spot of their own.  

Liven UYour Workstation  

Several factors affect job efficacy, and one of them is whether or not the workspace is conducive. With this in mind, you can consider setting up a small work desk around your sunniest window for a magnificent working space. This is particularly so for artists, who often prefer natural light to work, or just anyone looking to add a touch of nature into their routine. A sunny setup could be the magic needed to encourage you to finish that lengthy to-do list. Be sure to keep the space super-organized and minimal to get an optimal calming experience.  


Pair with Black

Nothing quite brings out the shine from a sunny window space than an ideal modern pairing. For the perfect ambiance, you can go for a stark black wall. Not only does it create a sleek and stunning effect, but it also tones down the bright light.  This look is ideal especially if you love the sunshine, but you don’t feel the now popular all-white décor which seems to be the order of the day. 

Display Some Dazzling Greenery 

Imagine the sight of a beautiful trailing string of succulents shining brightly with light, dazzling right? If you are a fan of hanging plants, then a sunny window is the perfect place to help you show them off. In particular, a sunny window affords any plant lover the opportunity to explore wide array greenery. If you have pets, make sure the plants you choose are non-toxic or out of their reach to keep them safe and happy.   

Set Up a Comfy Reading Corner 

We all want some alone time to unwind and relax, and what better way than to do it while enjoying a book with the warm sunshine? You can create a relaxation haven in your home by setting up a comfy seat near a bright window in your home and turn the space into a cozy, relaxing reading nook.  

Bookshelf Space Anyone?  

Your stunning reading spot would not be complete without something to read right? Luckily for you, that sunny space near your window can serve as the ideal spot to set up a bookshelf. You can line or stack some of your favorite books around or beneath your windowsill. Create a complementary neutral appeal if you have white walls with weathered pages or go for colorful spines to transform a space from dull to fantastic.  


Explore with Some Seedlings 

Gardening is an excellent hobby, and what better way to kick start the adventure than in the comfort of indoors? Nonetheless, ensure that your window gets as much light as possible during the day for the plants to grow. Moreover, remember to water your garden regularly.  

Create a Cozy Window Seat 

Take a moment and delight in the thought of you stretching out under the warmth of the sun with your back well supported by cozy cushions, lovely don’t you think?  Make this dream a reality by setting up a window seat at your sunny window. What’s more, you can tailor your window seat to fit with your dinner table for an intimate dining experience; and fortunately for you, you don’t have to break the bank to do so! You can always work out a DIY setup.  


Grow some Herbs  

Save up on the cost of basil and other essential herbs that make up part of your ingredient list. Cultivate your own flavorful and lush herb garden in what is likely the ideal spot in your home – a sunny windowsill. Choose some easy to grow herbs and enjoy them at your pleasure without stepping out of the house. Soon you’ll be using your home-grown herbs in the kitchen!   

Add a Slight Touch of Color  


Take the sunny window adventure to a whole new level by pairing it with a small pop of color. You can add that touch of color by incorporating a stripe of vivid color around the window frame to establish a fun and relaxed vibe.  



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