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15 Window Treatment Ideas and Inspiration for Spring 2017

Looking to give your home a nice little decorative treatment after a spring cleaning? Well, look no further because we’ve got just the right window treatment ideas for you. Not only will the new look of your windows make the interior more aesthetic, but will present an appearance that guests wouldn’t want to take their eyes off.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s check out the best window treatments ideas of spring 2017.

1. Contrasting textures: This year, multiple layers of texture are that are in contrast from one another is in huge demand. This look can create a lot of interest and provide an exciting atmosphere inside of your room. These textures can be either interwoven into the interior decor or placed on the window blinds using heavier yarns.

2. Natural elements and minerals: These days, designs are inspired by geological structures, and mineral formations are hugely popular. This can be an excellent way to introduce some textures on fabric to represent a peaceful and organic world. The contours, mottled effects, and tonal watches all combined together to provide a down-to-earth look on window blinds.

3. Metallic Luxe: Metallics and warm metals still continue to be a rage of this season. However, this time around the metallics will be complemented by these neutrals of creams, soft gray and white colors for a modern look. Make use of feature wallpapers to draw attention to metallic points of interest while brass and white gold accessories linger in the background.

4. Chunks of colors: What’s a home without a bit of color playfully imbuing life into the different elements? For window treatments, you can combine colors such as lemon, fruity peach, Clementine with graphic patterns and other industrial furniture. Wood Venetian blinds not only look gorgeous but provide an intense color blast when finished by bold hues.

5. Nostalgia overload: Geometric designs which were largely seen in the 70s era still continue to be a fad this season. This look brings vibrant color combinations and a lot of energy into a room that is a retrospective of the classic era. You can achieve this look by just adding a window blind having a funky retro design.

6. Botanical motifs: Do you love flowers in window treatments? Now you can reinvigorate your rooms with floral designs in a variety of fuels. Nothing makes spring more beautiful than an exciting range of color palettes than the lively color of flowers that can be all yours now. Go for a cerise pink, deep cherry, and ebony shades in large patterns to attract attention like never before.

7. Yellow is so mellow: What better color to give your room a complete makeover than yellow? No wonder why Coldplay loves it so much. Use beautiful pastels, the yellow to signify autumn, and other happy hues to portray nature in all its beauty. Mix turmeric color with darker shades of chocolate or navy blue for a trendy look.

8. Blues for the mood: The world of interior decor is now crazy for blue hues, and of course for good reasons. Denim blue colors are extremely versatile in nature and mix well with other shades. Most importantly, the colors are very useful in portraying a contemporary look that feels more than fresh. Dusky mid blue and other shades are also well worth looking into.

9. Ink blue combined clay: For those of you who are fans of Mediterranean interior vibes, combine ink blue with handmade organic crafted materials and terracotta for a complete makeover. Leather features, living ornaments, handwoven fabrics, carved wood, and earthenware make for excellent elements to create a chilled environment.

10. Organic dwelling: Imbuing colors of planet Earth in window treatments not only looks good but also promote health and well-being. Tactile surfaces like hessian, linens, handmade ceramics and wood provide a sense of composure when the whole of the world is dominated by fast-paced technology. Wooden blinds like Caroba Venetian blinds serve as an excellent foundation for this look.

11. Reflections and metallics: In case you haven’t noticed, metallics in window treatments are here to stay for good. Lustrous sheen fabrics add a heavy dose of elegance to a home while intricate geometrics naturally blend with metallic fabrics. However, if you’re short on money, there’s always the option of digitally printed blinds that almost resemble the real thing.

12. Deep Purple: As the shades of spring get ready to welcome autumn, the mysterious purple shades to bring a sense of warmth and cozy to the interiors. Jewel tones and metallic silver highlights keep the blinds from getting gloomy and overcast while colors such as deep amethyst cast a darker shadow to bring a much-needed contrast to the Venetian blinds.

13. Sun and the sea pastels: What can possibly be better to bring a sense of calm inside of a room than sunrise and seascape pastels? Colors like sea beach, sky blues, lavender, aquamarine and blush pink go excellent with deeper shades to create an interesting flow of visuals. Peace of mind is guaranteed when you introduce this design in window treatments.

14. Expose the unexpected: Now, it’s time to go raw and dispose of the things that usually remain tucked away by plaster paint. Large bay windows can be used to add a modern look by using smaller shuttle styles that balance of raw wood and hints of various colors. This is another style that goes with the trend of using natural materials to bring a sense of composure.

15. Energy efficient shutters: When it comes to energy efficiency, shutters are the best type of window coverings. So, while you think about the themes and colors of window treatments, consider upgrading your home windows to shutters. Not only will these protect you from glare and heat in the summer, but also keep your room warmer during the winter months.

Get exploring now!

Don’t let our 15 top list of window treatments get in the way of going crazy. After all, we are only limited by the imagination of our minds. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with various styles and themes until you find something that works just right. Who knows, you might end up with something that becomes a trend that will flow into the next season.


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