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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Carpet For Family Room

The family room is one of the most important places in your home. It is here where household members meet to play, relax or discuss important matters. In most cases, people spend their time on the floor to play with their children, watch movies and to do many other things. If you have a baby and they are learning how to crawl they will definitely be using the floor during that milestone. This is why you need the best carpet for the family room. 

That said, here are the factors to consider when choosing the best carpet for your family room.


For a carpet to be considered best, it certainly needs to be durable. Carpets can be placed in high traffic areas in the house such as on the stairs and corridors. Because the family room is also a high traffic area, you will need a durable carpet to withstand the regular pressure. Ensure that you choose a high-quality carpet with good texture that will not deteriorate over a short period of time. A quality carpet will last for over 10 years without needing a replacement. 

Easy to Clean 

When you are in the market to purchase a carpet for your family room, it is also important to consider an easy to clean carpet. Choose the model that will not give you a hard time during cleaning. In a household, every member will on many occasions use the family room. In the process, the carpet will get soiled from spills, dirt left by children when they play and such like occurrences.

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There will be no need for you to feel cautious when dirt has gotten on your carpet. There are several easy to clean carpet brands that do not stain easily. Other carpets are covered by warranties, should they get bleached or discolored after a few months of use, you may get a replacement. 


Unlike the living and dining rooms that need an official style, the family room just needs an informal style. For this reason, you need carpets with much texture for the casual look. A longer frieze or berber fashion have these characteristic. They are also are among the most popular styles as they exhibit the above-mentioned features not to forget various spots of color. If your carpet gets soiled, the texture will disguise the dirt from getting noticed. Sometimes you may decide to choose from a classier look. If this the case, then just consider a textured option, because it will help hide vacuum marks and footprints.


When choosing the type of carpet color for your family room, it will always depend on your personal preferences, taste, and style of decoration. You are not obliged to choose a specific color because it is just a subject for manipulation. Some factors you will need to consider though when choosing the color may include the purpose intended for the room, and the room’s natural lighting. For people who love to keep pets, they don’t want to see pet hair on their carpets. If you are one of them, you need to choose the color that matches with your pets. 


If your household members spend a lot of time watching movies, playing or doing other things on the floor, you need to pick a carpet is soft. You don’t have to worry finding soft carpet. Nowadays, manufacturers use finer fibers with make the carpets soft. You need to shop around to determine which carpet has this characteristic. 

Note that a cushion can make a carpet soft. An under-pad does not necessarily need to be firm for it to be considered durable as many people tend to believe. However, as much as you want your carpet to be soft, it is also very important for you to be certain about its durability.

Choose What You Love 

All the above-mentioned factors should be put into consideration. However, you should choose the type of carpet you love. That way, it will make you comfortable and you will have a reason to spend time in the family room. In fact, the carpet will not only be good because of its décor and everything that comes with it, but also the fact that you simply love it. 

We hope that the information we have shared in this guideline will help you get started on how to choose the best carpet for your family room. 


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  • Hazel Owens
    May 19, 2018, 2:08 am REPLY

    I didn’t realize that the cushion underneath the carpet can actually make a carpet soft. The carpet in our house is old and rough so I’ve been trying to find which type would work best in our family room. I’ll have to ask people who work at a carpet store how I can achieve the softness I want while using a cushion.

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