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What is the Best Time of Year for Window Replacement?

What is the Best Time of Year for Window Replacement?

With spring comes an insatiable appetite among homeowners to renovate the place they call home with the goal of creating that new beginning. And contrary to popular belief, spring is not the ideal time of the year for replacing windows. Rather, each season of the calendar year has its perfect window option. Therefore, window installation isn’t necessarily a seasonal thing as you might have been led to believe. Instead, there are a lot of factors which influence window installation time, especially in a region like the Northeast which is synonymous with constant low temperatures hence ideal for all yearround replacements. 


Sowhen is the best time? 

Once you come to the conclusion that your old windows need to be shown the door, it is best you first get a view of all the options on the table by conducting a professional in-home consultation as soon as possible. Important points to note during the consultation include the approximate timeline for availability of the new windows so that you can make arrangements appropriately. 


Which season is the best for replacing windows? 

While summer and winter installations do have some common denominators, the two are quite distinct with each season affording its share of cons and pros. The processes employed in either period is different and it’s best that you get the advice of experienced window professionals to help determine the best way forward taking into account the factors that influence installation in each season.  


Sure, installation can be done in any preferred season of your choosing but a professional worth his salt will take necessary measures to ensure that the process happens in a way that achieves top-notch quality. Remember each season has its ups and downs with regards to installation. 


Replacing windows in the summer or spring 

Window replacement carried out when the weather is just the right amount of warm, e.g. in the wee parts of summer or the dying embers of spring, has countless advantages. If you’re getting rid of several windows, for example, then these times of the year prove favorable as there are no cold drafts to deal with while the windows are being replaced. 


Temperatures can soar during said times but you can take a few measures to keep the excess heat at bay. For instance, you can close off the work area by shutting the door where the replacement work is on-going thereby restricting the excess heat to the single room while maintaining the ambient temperature of the rest of the house. It’s important to note that summer isn’t always sunny and rosy in all parts of the country as certain regions, namely the Midwest and Northeast, can experience a summer of bad weather punctuated with thunderstorms that might necessitate putting off window installations. 


Replacing windows in the winter or fall  

Most people shriek at the thought of installing windows during the colder months of the year but there are many benefits to window replacement over the winter or during fall. 


It’s not an easy endeavor going the winter installation way as it churns up extra hurdles such as the problem of unforgiving cold drafts that you’ll have to contend with during the installation. But as is the solution to the summer situation discussed above, you can simply keep the door to the installation room shut so as to confine the drafts to just the work area.  


Another alternative from a professional point of view is that the installer carries out the installation window by window while using zip or makeshift walls to cover the openings especially if the room is structured such that it cannot be closed off. Moreover, inclement weather and snowstorms also pose a problem during this time of the year thereby increasing the installation time and making the process slower compared to a summer installation. 


In a nutshell, what time of the year is deal? 

There is no trick to it as is the common misconception where summer is fronted as the ideal time over winter. Sure, window replacement takes a tad longer over the winter however with effective planning, any time of the year is alright. At the end of the day, it’s all just a matter of preference and convenience. It’s entirely up to you.  


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