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Cooling Your Home During the Summer Months with Tile

Cooling Your Home During the Summer Months with Tile

The summer months can be a joy for people who adore warm temperatures and spending time outdoors. Those warm temperatures, however, can sometimes turn hot. Hot temperatures aren’t always the most relaxing and pleasant. They can be particularly problematic inside of residential properties. If you want to keep your home from becoming a stuffy and scorching hot nightmare during the summertime, however, you don’t have to resign yourself to months and months of turning on the air conditioner at all hours of the day. Nonstop air conditioning use can add up and lead to hefty monthly costs. The surprising news is that you can actually invest in flooring that can keep your living space nice and cool.

Tile Floors and Cooler Home Temperatures

Tile floors have been wildly popular in homes everywhere for decades and decades. These floors bring many advantages to the table. They’re durable and can stay in amazing condition for many years at a time. They’re available in so many attractive styles, patterns and colors. Maintaining them is also something that doesn’t call for a lot of energy, effort and time. Tile floors, last but definitely not least, can also help keep your home comfortable and cool even when temperatures outdoors are unpleasant. Tiles, in short, do not keep hold of heat. They differ dramatically from carpeting in this respect. Since tile floors lack heat retention abilities, they can do wonders for people who want to reduce temperatures inside of their homes.

Tile floors also feel wonderfully cool against the feet. They’re also nothing like carpet in this sense. Cool feet can encourage a body temperature that’s cool, too. If you don’t want to feel like a sweaty mess all summer long, tile floors can go a long way.

Smart Tile Placement

Strategic tile placement is key for people who want to rely on flooring to keep their living spaces cool and enjoyable. Focus on sections of your property that have the most traffic day in and day out. It can be a good idea to invest in tile floors in your living room and kitchen. Tile floors in kitchens can come in particularly handy for people who find it hard to handle cooking duties in the summertime.

Fun and Innovative Tile Options

There are so many fun and innovative ways to take advantage of tile floors in the summertime. If you want to cool your home and enhance its appearance at the same time, your options are plentiful. You don’t have to jazz up your home with a new rug. You can instead opt for the beauty of patterned tiles. Patterned tiles are substantially cooler than rugs. Keeping them clean and fresh is also a much quicker task. If you want to feel comfortable and happy for the entire summer, you don’t have to save a lot of money to cover cooling system costs. You can invest in tile floors that are beautiful, sturdy, cool and simple to maintain.


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  • Davis Hickey
    September 2, 2018, 7:04 am REPLY

    Hi Christina, Before I have no ideas that tile can be a part of cooling home during the summer months. You explain it like an expert. So, Its time to apply this at my house and I am going for this. Thanks for the sharing this information.

  • Reno Godspeed
    November 8, 2018, 2:58 am REPLY

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. The collection was really helpful for visitors.

  • Mike Lee
    January 28, 2019, 4:28 pm REPLY

    I never knew that tile floors make the whole house feel cooler. It would be interesting to know how much you can save with tile flooring. My wife and I are thinking about hiring a tile flooring contractor to install tile so I’d like to know that.

  • j S
    March 2, 2019, 10:17 pm REPLY

    Good info! It helps to use tile because it cools and now that you can practically get any design its a no-brainer.

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