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Create a Dramatic Look by Upgrading Your Stairways

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

If your house has two or more levels, then the decision on how you design your stairs can be very crucial in determining the entire décor of the house. This is simply because stairways tend to create strong first impression for anyone entering your home for the first time. That first impression can also dictate their opinion on how the entire house, including the levels above, will look.  

Due to stairs having such a strong impact, most home builders typically suggest going for a bold design when you are finishing up your house. This is regardless of whether the stairs are the 90 degrees run with intermediate landings in the middle, the sophisticated and luxurious curved stairways, or the simple straight stairs. Properly designed stairways give the entire house a particular taste and feel that makes people get a sense of comfort and warmth when in the house. 

One of the best ways that have been used in upgrading stairs is through the installation of pre-built hardwood risers and treads. These are usually manufactured and supplied without the last layer of finish. Once they arrive in your home, the custom builders would look at the finishing of your home and then stain the pre-built hardwood flooring to compliment your house décor. It’s a very efficient way of making your stairs stand out while also retaining the initial design.  

To avoid wear and tear on your hardwood flooring, install a matching carpet in the middle of the stairway. This is the most practical approach to preserving the integrity of your flooring without spending a fortune.  

There are other methods of upgrading the stairways that can save you a lot of cash in a variety of ways one of which is by installing the treads and risers yourself.  

Improving your Stairways as a DIY Project 

You can improve your stairways in two main ways: 

First, most stairs found in our homes are usually built using softwood risers and treads. These woods are quite simple to remove and replace and you won’t need an expert to do that for you. You can easily replace them with a uniform prefinished hardwood.  

You can also go for a more dramatic designing by painting the risers alone and then installing hardwood treads. This will give your stairway a unique appearance while also saving you on costs.  

Another good thing with upgrading your stairs with hardwood flooring is the wide variety of choices that you get when it comes to wood size, finishing, and species. You can, therefore, customize your stairways using these options to express the feel that you want for your home.  

The other way of upgrading your stairways is through using prefinished hardwood risers and stairs that are commonly found in most flooring stores. They are designed to match most of the already existing flooring options in stock which mean that you can choose one which blends perfectly with your existing floor and home styling. After that, the only thing remaining would be to install them, which is a simple task that you can handle using household tools.  

If you are looking to design your unique stairways, then unfinished hardwood is also available. You could also save on costs even more by building treads and risers out of the hardwood flooring that you have already chosen for your house. With a bull-nose trim, you can make the front edges appear sleeker.  

One important factor that you need to remember when upgrading the treads is whether the stairs are boxed inside two walls or if one side is displayed. If they’re boxed, then you can just use standard treads with bullnose trims on the front. If one side is exposed, you have to go for universal treads as they have excellent finishing on the edges which is essential in making the house look attractive.  

This is an easy DIY project that will boost the appearance of your home without costing you much. Using a few hardwood treads and risers and some household tools will go a long way towards changing how you and your visitors feel when they walk into your house.  



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