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Five Trending Best Flooring Designs

Five Trending Best Flooring Designs

Flooring trends, just like most interior design trends, are quite dynamic. This year, there is a whole new set of flooring options that are all the rage. Updating the flooring of your house can greatly uplift the look of your interiors.

The following options are particularly popular this year and are certain to make your home look much more appealing.  

Warm Grays


Gray floors can never go out of style. This neutral color matches perfectly with most decor elements.  
This year, warm grays are taking preference over cool grays. Warm grey floors will allow you to select furniture pieces from an even wider color range. Brown decor matches the warm tones perfectly. This is, however, not the case for cool grays. 

Laminate flooring has become hugely popular as a flooring choice, due to its versatility and how similar it can look to whichever type of flooring it is mimicking, typically wood or tile. 

  • Tiles

Tile flooring is another exceptional option for choosing warm gray floors. Tiles don’t stain easily, making them resistant to spills and ideal for high-traffic areas of your home. 

Dark Colored Flooring


Pairing your deep-toned floors with bright decor adds a sophisticated look to your interiors. The dark floors allow the colors of your decor to stand out and appear brighter. Commonly used dark tones include black, charcoal, and dark chocolate, among others. The following items will help you create this look. 

Hardwood flooring comes with endless options. The species, such as North American Walnut, is a naturally dark wood. Paired with a dark, protective finish, this hardwood flooring choice can appear even darker. The different grade options (select-grade and common-grade) allow for some color variation and natural patterns to appear.  

Select-grade hardwood flooring has minimal color variation and subtle patterns like knots. 

Common-grade hardwood flooring has more noticeable variations of color and natural patterns. 

If you prefer your dark colored flooring to have a consistent color or pattern, either stone or tile flooring can provide exactly that. 

Whitewashed flooring

White sofa and blue armchair in living room with posters on the wall

You can achieve this elegant look by installing white stained hardwood panels, ceramic tiles, or vinyl flooring. White floors effectively brighten any room. In addition, you are at liberty to choose whatever color of decor you desire. The main downside to white or light-colored flooring is that it has a tendency to make even the smallest stain look much more obvious. That being said, laminate and tile are both durable flooring options that can resist spills and other potential stains. Even hardwood flooring can resist such stains as long as it contains a finish. 

Some options for whitewashed or light-colored flooring include: 

  • Hardwoods like European White Oak, American Beech, and Natural Bamboo. 
  • Laminates come in a wide variety of colors and patterns now; some which mimic hardwood quite well.
  • Ceramic tiles, which come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and texture. Such variety guarantees that your tile flooring will be dynamic and unique if that’s what you’re looking for. 
  • Stone flooring is the oldest type of flooring in the world. With technological advances, it is also some of the most versatile.  

Handcrafted Designs


Handcrafted patterns and designs can make your flooring much more interesting and unique. You can choose for some subtle details, like hardwood planks that are different in length and width. Something slightly less subtle would be a custom-made pattern, such as with different color variations or completely different colors; such patterns work well with stone or tile flooring. The effort that goes into these types of designs make your floor less monotonous. 

Handcrafted designs are a great flooring choice for minimalist style or if you want your floors to be the main attraction. Some rooms utilize furniture and art as the focus, while the flooring is intended to be neutral or complementary. When your flooring is the center of attention, the room’s furniture can take a back seat.

Distressed Area Rugs

For many people, renovating their flooring isn’t financially feasible. Others may feel wary about making any drastic and permanent changes to their flooring. A great alternative to total renovation is an area rug. Distressed rugs, in particular, have gained recent popularity. Distressed simply means that these rugs, which come in many different sizes, look like their color and/or pattern has faded toward the middle. Distressed area rugs are effective in creating a rustic, lived-in feel or appearance to a room and they’re the perfect accents for bland floors. 



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