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Flooring Trends to Consider in 2018 

Flooring Trends to Consider in 2018 

There is no way that a person designing a room could forget about the floors given that they are one of the most important focal points in a room. If you are looking to update your space the flooring is a fantastic place to start. Check out these expert insights on recent flooring trends that are both unique and will catch anyone’s eye in any given space.  


Use of bamboo in flooring isn’t a new trend as we all know. But recently, due to the colors and styles that experts are selecting, bamboo seems to be growing in popularity. Although it’s technically a grass when dried Bamboo is considered to be one of the hardest flooring options known to man. Strand woven bamboo is one of the newest flooring products on the market and is even harder than traditional thin band bamboo flooring.  

Strand woven bamboo flooring is made using the inner fibers of the grass. According to design experts, bamboo is now being offered in a wide variety of different sizes and styles, including larger sizes that have an appearance similar to that of typical hardwoods. But as beautiful as they may look, it is not advisable to use bamboo in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms which are prone to retaining moisture. 

Reclaimed Wood 

Reclaimed wood is any wood previously used in building or furniture that is no longer needed for its original purpose. Most reclaimed timber comes from a variety of sources like old barns that can no longer be repaired. Reclaimed wood has proven to be a major trend in the flooring industry, and with the help of new technology, you can now have all the charms of reclaimed wood in a factory finished product without the hassle and price of true salvaged lumber.  

Flooring using new factory finished hardwood from reclaimed timber is more durable. The wood is able to withstand moisture fluctuations for longer than other wood flooring products that are finished on site. According to flooring experts, reclaimed wood is one of the most durable and forgiving options out there. Because its imperfections are what provide its appeal, this flooring style is able to hide dust and scratches in plain sight.  

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Large-Format Tile 

The tile industry has not been left behind, in fact, there has been an explosion in new tile variations. Tiles can now be found with stunning patterns, in all sizes and shapes, and are of improved quality. The latest in the market include the larger 12″ x 12″ tiles. These large-format tiles not only look great but also provide more tile surface, which means fewer grout lines to clean. However, experts warn of their weight which requires a perfectly level substrate. Large-format tile installation should also be performed by a seasoned professional if the desired results are to be achieved. 


Many shoppers who prefer cork are drawn to it by its wonderful acoustic-insulating qualities. Many people may also like it since cork is more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwoods, and not to mention tiles which can be extremely slippery.  

Initially, cork was available in any color provided it was blonde, but these days there’s a much wider variety of color options. On top of that, cork is now more durable than ever before due to new factory finishes now available. However, cork is more prone to moisture damage and easily fades if exposed to sunlight. 

Luxury Vinyl 

Luxury Vinyl is the newest kid on the block. It has the durability of vinyl, as well as the high-end look of hardwood flooring or natural stone tile. The hard-wood variety looks so realistic that you may have to look keenly to see that it is not real. It can be used all around the house including in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms since it is moisture resistant. And just like the former peel-and-stick vinyl stuff that people used to install: it is still a joy to walk on.  

Cut and Loop Carpet 

In the carpet industry, there are more patterned carpets and very few shags and friezes. Using new technology, manufacturers can combine both loops and cut-loops forming carpets with patterns ranging from subtle to bold. They can also produce carpets with extremely soft fibers. Loose fiber carpet pads are also being steadily replaced with high-quality dense rubber. 

American Hardwood 

These are recommended by experts for homeowners looking for sustainable wood flooring products. They are readily available and can be sourced from forests a few hundred miles away, unlike cork and bamboo which must be transported from around the world. In addition to cutting back on the fuel required to transport these materials, you can rest assured that the forests the timber is sourced from are consistently being replenished.  


Concrete floors are known for their trendy, sleek style, and durable nature. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to suit your specifications. Concrete flooring can be easily adapted to fit almost any décor. It is more advantageous when you already have the concrete as a subfloor since it is cost effective using what is already there. However, the stylish appearance of concrete can come at the price of comfort since it a very hard surface that can be unpleasant to walk across. 

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