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History of Best Flooring (Formerly Known as Big Bob’s Indy)

best-flooring-logo-tempBest Flooring  has undergone a number of transformations since it was founded by Sidney Feldman. Best Flooring has been serving home builders since 1953, when Feldman felt that Indianapolis didn’t have enough competitors in the floor covering industry. He and a good friend went into business together to service contract builders, and that’s how Best Flooring started (but at the time, it was known as Craftsman Floor Covering). The company became one of the first contract companies for home builders in Indianapolis―a new concept at the time.

The flooring company has changed names several times over the decades. It became the Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet in 2008, when the Feldman Family opened it as part of Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring franchise. Big Bob’s Flooring is a national franchise that was started by Dave Elychar, also known as “Big Bob.” Dave still owns and manages the first store he opened several decades ago, back in 1983. He is also actively involved with all of the stores in his franchise and was personally involved with the establishment of our Indianapolis Division, also known as Big Bob’s Indy. That kind of firsthand involvement is what keeps Big Bob’s ahead of the Big Box Stores, along with better prices and providing a great experience for the customer.

Although this store is no longer affiliated with Big Bob’s Flooring and Big Bob’s Carpet, it’s still in the same hands as it was since it was conceived, which brings a combined 300 years of experience to the table, as well as much of the insight and expertise that Big Bob’s bestowed.

men carry wood planks

Before it became Best Flooring, this particular Big Bob’s location, Big Bob’s Indy, was a flooring outlet specializing in flooring “specials,” including products such as overstocks, discontinues, and mill over runs. Big Bob’s Indy searched the country for the best deals and, because of the national buying power of Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring, brought these deals to the customer at an affordable price. In addition to that great buying power, customers could see exactly what they were buying, because all of the products were always in stock. Big Bob’s received shipments of various flooring all the time, so the stores continually provided new and exciting products.

The same can still be said for Big Bob’s stores, but Big Bob’s Indy is no more. Instead, Big Bob’s Indy is now Best Flooring, now owned by Jeff Dawalt. In 2006, the company achieved NHQ certification with NAHB. Best Flooring has accumulated a number of awards over the years. For two years straight, Davis and Estridge Homes have awarded Best with the title of  Subcontractor of the Year. Additionally, Best Flooring is the only two time nominee and winner for Estridge Homes’ President’s Award, and was named Subcontractor of the Year in 2006 by Davis Homes.

In addition to its wide array of readily available flooring options, Best Flooring prides itself in its installation. Best developed “Best Inspect,” a home inspection technique that eliminates all (if any) installation issues prior to closing. These installations are personally reviewed to be completed on time at quality standards. Best Flooring has also installed the flooring for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and provides and installs most of the flooring for their local Habitat for Humanity.

Today, Best Flooring has moved from its humble beginnings in Broad Ripple to the Northwest side of Indianapolis, with a state of the art facility complete with its own warehouse. In this new location, Best Flooring is better able to meets the demands of today’s home-builders.

Now that you’ve gotten the extensive history of Best Flooring, let’s get to the actual services and products! Best stocks and installs quality hardwood, stone and tile, laminate, resilient/vinyl, and carpet flooring, along with area rugs and window treatments. That’s quite a list! Customers aren’t always familiar with all of these options, especially resilient flooring, and they want the best quality for the cost. That means there’s a lot of information they have yet to learn. The Best Flooring team has extensive knowledge of these flooring options and can advise customers and answer any questions that arise. But if you’re the kind of person that wants to read-up on all of the options that Best Flooring has to provide, read on!

hwd07HARDWOOD FLOORING is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot to know about this type of flooring. Depending on the type of wood used, this flooring can be resilient and scratch proof, or very temperamental. Certain hardwood options are better suited for pets or the spill-prone. Best Flooring will go over the different finishes, species, grades, styles, width, and benefits of each kind, along with effective care techniques. For even more in-depth analysis of each, take a look at the Hardwood page on the website.

STONE AND TILE FLOORING are incredibly fun options because of the endless design possibilities. Stones and tiles come in different shapes and colors and can be arranged in beautiful patterns. This flooring is perfect for high traffic and/or areas susceptible to spills. There is a lot to know about these two options.

→Ceramic tile has unique texture and color that gives a room dynamic character, whether it’s vibrant and energetic, or calm and enchanting. For much more information about ceramic tile, head over to the Tile section of our website.

→Stone is an ancient building material that gives off an ethereal and natural feel. It’s a strong and stable, yet durable, flooring option. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate are only a handful of stone flooring options. Read more on Stone.

Samples of vinyl and laminate on brown wooden textureLAMINATE FLOORING is a manufactured type of flooring that strongly resembles hardwood, natural stone, ceramic tile, and other flooring. Laminate is an affordable and easy-to-care-for option for those who want the look of premium flooring. For more information about this popular flooring, check out the Laminate page.

VINYL FLOORING offers unbeatable selections in style, selection, value, and ease of maintenance. Vinyl flooring mimics the look and texture of stone and tile flooring and even the patterns of hardwood. Many vinyl flooring options are designed with resilience in mind; they have some elasticity when you walk on them and are water-resistant. There’s much, much more to know about this flooring, available to read on the Resilients section.

CARPET FLOORING is a traditional option that requires little explanation. Choose from different cuts and styles, fibers and yarns, padding, benefits, and maintenance options. Read more in the Carpet section of the site.

Best Flooring offers our experienced installers for your flooring and window treatments and we stand 100% behind our service and products. We also focus on products that can be installed by the Do-It-Yourselfer. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or stop on by! We’d love to see you and help you find exactly the prices and product you’re looking for.



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