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How to Achieve Your Perfect Home Design with Area Rugs

How to Achieve Your Perfect Home Design with Area Rugs

There are plenty of reasons why you would want an area rug in almost any room. They’re comfortable, practical, and provide warmth on floors made of concrete, wood, laminate or tiles. Moreover, they provide aesthetic value to the design of a room. You can use them to delineate a space such as living area vs kitchen in an open floor plan. In fact, area rugs are one of the most effective space-definition design mediums. However, the size matters and it’s usually a significant concern for someone who wants to ensure a well-balanced space.  

Therefore, designers recommend that you begin with the rug. From the design of the rug, you can pick the colors to paint the walls and buy throw pillows as well as paintings to finish the décor. Just ensure to follow this general rule –of thumb; the area rug should be positioned at least six inches but no more than two feet from the wall. Also remember to consider other factors such as the different design, uses and shapes 

Less is more in provisional entrances or spaces which lead to other rooms or stairways. Similarly, the width is supposed to match the door space or be less by a few inches, although not too long or too short. If you place a round rug in a vast lobby, position it below the light fixture. In a foyer, extend the length to fill this space, and leave an equal area on both sides to achieve balance. If you want to place furniture in the hallway, do not put it on the area rug 

Home office  

For a home office, maybe in your bedroom`s corner, we advise that you “Treat it like a Cocoon.” Go for an area rug which fits the desk and the chair completely to come up with a warm space where you will feel comfy while working. For practicality, this prevents the chair from dragging or you from tripping over the rug edges, which are usually the weakest part of the rug, he adds.  

Living areas  

Malene B is a firm with custom-designs rugs based on New York. Malene B`s Principal, Malene Barnett, says a rug is supposed to be used as the focus in a room. Depending on what you prefer, she suggests that an area rug will offer enough space for the furniture to fit on. She also adds that you should not favor a rug too small for the area it sits on. In large living pavilions, for example, you can place two mats to form two separate living pavilions.  

A Pier 1 Imports in-house stylist, Aimee Beatty says one needs to go for a rug which stretches past the coffee table and at least below the first set of legs on your chairs or sofas. If you want to position your mat in front of a seat, Malene recommends it should be of equal width or somewhat longer than the seat. For a fascinating appearance, she adds that you should try to position the rug at an angle and it should anchor the space but not overdraw or underwhelm it.   


A large bathroom is an ideal place to position a round rug. It is also a suitable place to experiment with patterns, colors, and textures. Malene similarly adds that if you go for a color for any space the better, since it will inspire the other décor.  

Bold patterns such as abstract designs, huge flowers, and plenty of layer or color, on a small rug, can make the space appear more prominent. Although if you plan to put furniture on it, try not to cover up the design, therefore do not place medallions at the focal point so one can be able to view the design from any angle.  

Dining room 

For the dining room, designers recommend centering the furniture on the rug and selecting a rug which fits the table`s shape. In case you have a roundtable, go for a round rug and place it underneath the table. Sigal says that the circular shape in a room which has a square shape can aid to soften the room.  


Beatty says that in the bedroom, rugs are an excellent way to make the room feel extra cozy by placing them beside the furniture in the bedroom. You can as well put one rug below the end of your bed, and let the rug stretch into the room to pull a considerable space together.  

Outdoor area  

For the outdoor area, although it is frequently overlooked, can be an excellent place for an area rug. Sigal says that you should experiment with textures and shapes. Try imitating the outer space and buy textiles which are usually designed for outdoor use.  

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    You have shared some great designs with area rug. I really liked all, mainly the rug to create the focal point in the room. I am renovating my house. I am glad that I have found your article and this beautiful ideas. Well I have already installed <a href="https://workmanflooring.com/">hardwood flooring</a> at my home. Over that I want to place the area rug. It will give an additional beauty to the room.

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