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Mix and Match Window Treatments

Mix and Match Window Treatments

Mix and Match Window Treatments 

Window treatments can be used plainly, but where’s the fun in that? Mix and match window treatments offer you enhanced privacy and light control in addition to being a very stylish way to add some tasteful accents to your decor.  

These days there’s no limit to how many color combinations you can go for. Thousands of differently patterned and colored materials can be paired to create gorgeous window treatments that will improve your control over light and privacy while adding a stylish touch to your decor. 

Wondering how you can bring some chic mix and match color combinations to your home? Herein are some excellent window treatment ideas to try out. 

  1. Layered Combinations 


Here’s one of the most beautiful layered window treatments: blackout shades on top of translucent drapery panels. The result? A gorgeous finished look that allows you to control light and privacy to your heart’s content. 

The light filtering shade allows you to dim or brighten the room with ease while the blackout shade give you the power to control how much the outside world can see. Together, they make quite a unique but practical combination. 

  1. Textured Combinations 


You can combine window treatments of different textures to achieve stunning results such as this. Green patterned drapes and sandy-textured shades blend superbly to create contrasting textures, which can work out well for rooms done entirely in neutral colors. 

Custom textures are widely available these days so don’t worry too much about not coming up with a different design. Instead, experiment with colors as well as textures to create aesthetically stunning designs that are still practical and great for controlling light and privacy. 

  1. Patterned Combinations


After color, patterns are the best way to add some flair to a room that’s too flat. This design shows that your room can look a thousand times better simply by using patterned shades for your window treatment. 

The drapes remain a nice and casual straw color which focuses all the attention on the gorgeous patterns on the roll-up shades. This combination is great for rooms with neutral colors as it can break some of the monotony with the contrasting black and white pattern. Roller shades have been used in this design and if you love your privacy, you’ll love just how easy these are to roll up or down whenever you need to. 

Whether it’s woven wood against green drapes or beige drapes complementing patterned shades, window treatments can turn up the style factor of your home by a couple of notches. Check our Window Treatment Store for even more information and ideas about window treatments. If you are in the Indianapolis or Peru, Indiana area, stop by one of our Best Flooring showrooms, ask to see our extensive selection of window treatments and talk to one of our experts. You will be sure to get a ton of great ideas!


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