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All You Need to Know About Mini Blinds

All You Need to Know About Mini Blinds

All You Need to Know About Mini Blinds


Mini blinds have grown to be a popular choice for blinds not only among businesses but also in homes and other buildings. This comes as no surprise considering that they are light and convenient. In addition, they are also popular because they are easier to clean compared to other kinds of blinds. If you consider the cost involved, mini blinds provide a viable alternative to some of the more expensive window treatments 

If you have not heard of “mini blinds,” they are a type of window blinds that functionally make use of slats. They are slightly different from standard blinds due to their smaller width. The convenience of mini blinds is that they can easily match the décor and color of most rooms.  

What are the advantages of mini blinds?  

There are many benefits associated with mini blinds. They include: 

  1. They are less costly. 

If you are looking for window treatments but you are limited to a budget, mini blinds would make a perfect choice. Their moderate cost fits well with most people’s budget. If you would like to fix window blinds in multiple rooms in your home, the other kinds might turn out to be more expensive. Consequently, mini blinds can be used in place of luxury window treatments.  

  1. They are relatively easyto clean.  

It is essential to consider the cleaning and maintenance that will go towards window blinds before purchasing a particular type. Luckily, mini blinds are easy to clean. This is because of the kind of material that is used in making the blinds. Given that they are made out of synthetic material this type of window can easily be cleaned by dusting them or using mild cleaners. Also, the material that they use makes it durable.  

  1. They facilitate effective light control.  

A good blind is supposed to help someone regulate the amount of light that gets into a room. Mini blinds are beneficial as they allow people to either increase or reduce the light that is getting in a room. As much as there have been some concerns regarding their ability to block light from entering a room, the slats can either be pulled down or up to help allow or block light respectively. Also, it is very easy to learn how to use them.  

Available Types of Mini Blinds  

Most sellers offer a variety of mini blinds. At Best Flooring, we provide various kinds which vary in color, size, and prize. Some of the most common examples include:  

  • 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds

This is one of the most common types of mini blinds. You will be able to spot them in most restaurants, offices or homes. This classic version of mini blinds have an attractive quality to them because they are cut to precision. The high-quality material that they are made from goes a long way towards ensuring that they last longer.  

  • Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds  

Due to the number of concerns revolving the cords which are on some types of mini blinds, there arose an urgent need to come up with cordless mini blinds. This has allowed people to be able to install and use mini blinds without worry. The cordless mini blinds have a feature on the bottom rail that enables one to either raise or lower the blinds.  

  • Privacy Aluminum Mini Blinds 

This kind is suitable for those who wish to take an extra step towards protecting their privacy. When the privacy aluminum blind is closed, people will not be able to see what is happening behind the blinds.  

Installation of Mini Blinds  

As previously stated, mini blinds are beneficial in the sense that they are easy to install. A significant number of people can do it on their own. However, it is true that some people might not know how to fit their new mini blinds. If you are in this category of people, you should consider seeking help from people who can provide you with adequate and reliable information regarding the process involved in installing a mini blind 

However, the following steps should provide you with a basic guide of what the process involves. They include;  

  1. Taking measurements of your window 

Before shopping for window mini-blinds, it is crucial to take accurate measurements of your window. This helps to prevent situations where the blinds are either too big or too small. Without the right measurements, it will affect your privacy and how the light gets in the rooms.  

  1. Installation of brackets 

Most manufacturers provide a set of instructions which can guide you on how to install brackets. It is advisable that you should carefully read through this instructions so that you do mount the brackets in the right way. For instance, it is crucial to know the kind of installation that you are doing and whether it will be inside or outside.  

When you have understood the provided instructions, you can move to the next step. It involves drilling a hole on the frame of the window. This provides a place where the bracket will be fixed. 

  1. Installation of valance 

The valance is a material that covers the upper part of the window known as the headrail. The process of installing it involves putting headrail on the brackets that were fixed on the second step.  

Secondly, put the valance on the headrail. The manufacturer provides a set of valance clips which when you purchase mini blinds. Use this clips to secure the valance onto the headrail.  

There are many guidelines which have been provided to help people to as they install the different kinds of mini blinds. It is recommended that one should check these guidelines if they run into any difficulty while installing their mini blind.  

How to Clean Mini Blinds  

Window blinds are susceptible to getting dirt and dust. For this reason, it is essential t2o identify the appropriate ways of cleaning them. This will help to prevent incidences resulting from dust or animal fur allergies. Mini blinds can be cleaned using a feather duster, some kinds of vacuums or a slightly wet piece of cloth.  

The feather duster can effectively help in the removal of dust from the surface of the mini blinds. On the other hand, a vacuum plays the key role of removing animal hair from the slats. It is advised that one should shut the blinds in order to effectively remove the dust and pet hair.  Finally, if there will be any dirt that is left after you have finished vacuuming, you should use the damp cloth to remove it. 

However, it is advised that one should not quickly rush to use detergents or other cleaning products without checking the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  

To conclude, the above information will be helpful towards identifying the right mini blind for your room.  Mini Blinds are inexpensive and easy to maintain. So don’t hesitate to install them in your home or office. Give us a call at Best Flooring, check out our website, or if you’re in the Indianapolis or Peru areas, stop by one of our showrooms and speak with our experienced staff. 









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