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How Springtime Window Treatments Can Liven Up Your Home

window-treatment_spring-e1303562418333As we usher in the spring, a lot of adjustments have to done in our homes. We all know how the cold winter had changed our homes particular the window treatments. It is now time to do away with the heavy fabrics and textile on the windows. It’s time to let in the sunlight by transitioning to beautiful spring inspired windows treatments. Spring calls for both lighter colors and fabric that not only allows for easy opening of the windows but also sunlight. But how do you achieve this and enjoy the spring like it was the last one? If your wish is to brighten your interior, here are the main tips to bring spring window treatment into your home.

Use bright colors
Spring is all about bright colors. With the end of the cold winter, you no longer need the dark fabric to keep the room warm- spring is all about letting in the cool breeze. The choice of colors to be used for the window treatment must be made with a view of making space feel instantly inviting and renewed. You can go for warm tans, yellows, blues, and greens to give a feel of a renewed interior and enhanced appearance. Your windows also require being treated with light colored blinds, color roman shades, and modern valances to help enhance the interior beauty of the home during the spring. Matching window treatment colors with area rugs and couch throw pillows provide the home with a great feel of renewal.

Use multiple window treatments
There are multiple window treatments for spring that you can employ to give your home an inviting and renewed spring touch. If you feel the windows are too bare, do not hesitate to go for layers of texture, color, and pattern to enhance your springtime window appearance. It is also important to note that as the sun sunshine comes in, you might have problems with glare and the reflective water views that sometimes can make the room uncomfortable. If this is the case, then you can opt for sheers or window to conceal /obscure the light. If you want the room to appear larger and spacious, try window treatments that will span from the ceiling to the floor. But you must ensure that you have selected the right colors for this to be achieved.

Try layering window treatment and see how versatile your space will be. Layering will work very well for homes experiencing water-like conditions. By layering decorative treatments over light fabrics, it helps to keep the cold air out while still letting in the sunlight into the room. I would still recommend that you research online of the best ideas for wall treatments to complete the wall.

Do away with fabric
Though some people may be against leaving the fabric behind, it is more advantageous to do away with it once the spring season is ushered in. No matter how beautiful it may be making your home to look like, it will not let you enjoy the fullest of the spring. In fact, it is better to have untreated windows or blinds other than having that fabric you like. There many varieties of window treatment that replace the fabric and let you enjoy the spring to the fullest.
Know your home well
Note that not every window treatments for spring can work your home. Homes are different, and various factors will determine the best type of treatment that your springtime windows. The intensity of sunlight that your home receives is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a window treatment. For instance, if it receives heavy sun exposure, go for treatments that can filter this light out. Sheers and light fabrics can help in keeping the sunlight out. The bottom line is to ensure that you have studied your home very well so that you do not regret buying the wrong set of window treatment.

The end winter marks the beginning of a happy spring season. You should usher in this season in style by ensuring that you are getting the best out of it. Window treatments help in a big way in making sure that you are enjoying the spring to the fullest. They will also enhance the space’s beauty and give it not only an inviting feel but also an inspiring one. Use of the light spring colors, textures and fabrics is key in all this. If you cannot do it yourself, hire an interior designer to do the job, and you will be surprised by the new look of your home.


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